December 15, 2008

a gentle persuasion

I always see people at GNC stores at the BMI scale getting 'scored' on their physique only to be disappointed one way or another. Wouldn't it be great if there was some sort of interface where you could input some basic info (height, weight (it weighs you), age, lifestyle, etc.) and it would tell you exactly what you need to get in shape or stay in shape?

Rather than reducing you to a number and lumping you into a large category, this interface gives you an age (similar to Wii Fit's system) based on your health. Then, it recommends certain vitamin supplements and a work out regiment to suit your needs in order to reach your actual age and ideal health.

The interface would be very visual and friendly but never borderline-offensive like the BMI scales. I want it to be very sleek and modern and to resemble the Wii's system in many ways to capitalize on its popularity. I think GNC, gyms, and other health-oriented locations would gobble these thing up.

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