October 06, 2008

fall of mann

A movie is supposedly coming out based on a true biographical story called Mann's House about a fellow named Dylan Mann. The only plot that the trailer reveals is that Mann was raised in a poor household and despite all odds, ends up a billionaire. The twist lies in the fact the there is no Dylan Mann nor does his company Mann Enterprises actually exist. However, Mann Enterprises does have a Wiki, a webpage, a searchable address, etc. Basically, in the digital realm, everything checks out.

The game lies in finding and becoming part of the online counter culture to Mann Enterprises. As it turns out, Mann Ent. seems to have a dark past revolving around dangerous pollution, which may have caused thousands of illness and deaths in the small town Mann Ent. resides. As interest builds, Dylan Mann is discovered to be behind Mann Enterprises' dark dealings.

The game turns into a puzzle figuring out how and what was done in the small town. Clues are constantly fed through the movie's advertisements and into the online counter culture directly by moderators. The person or group that solves the puzzle is given login information to the Mann Enterprises' online database (still part of the game). After logging in, the person has access to all the incriminating evidence she needs to cripple Mann Ent. Shortly after, Dylan Mann himself contacts the winner with a very large bribe for her silence. If she accepts, she wins the money and the game quietly ends. If she refuses, less money is won, the game ends, and everything is explained to all who played.

Copyright Nicholas Matthews, 2008

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