September 29, 2008

a revival?

I would like to make a flash-based, comedic cartoon (animated) that uses inside jokes, off-the-wall jokes, references to generation-spanning pop culture, and a simplistic art style as humor. I've built upon this idea before and created Moleculation Cartoons (MC) years ago:

The idea was birthed from my admiration of Homestar Runner (HR) cartoons:

MC emulates many of the things that makes HR successful but is less family friendly. Overall, the site seemed to be going well but I was unable to maintain it because the production became too involving for one person. I enlisted the help of my friend to aid with music and voice acting but it wasn't enough. As a result, I had to take the project offline but I've always wanted to revive it. If I brought MC back I'd want a few things to make it better than ever:

1. A new interface that turns aways from modernity and
     embraces a retro style (videogame influenced if possible)
2. A new cartoon (or two) on startup
3. A PR person that can push the site on popular social
     networking sites
4. A programmer that can utilize Actionscript to create an
     interactive interface
5. Possibly another animator

Copyright Nicholas Matthews, 2008

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