September 03, 2008

on morrowind

Under sun and sky outlander, we greet you warmly. Damn, if phrases like the former could transfer into the real world without raised eyebrows and lowered expectations then life would be grand. Perhaps grand is too heavy of an adjective for a simple phrase to incite, but the game it’s pulled from fully embodies the word. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is an action RPG that boasts genre-defining, non-linear gameplay in a fantasy world not too far removed from World of Warcraft’s. How many hours of my life have been sacrificed to Morrowind’s altar? Honesty, in this case, would only incite more of those lowered expectations I mentioned earlier. Indeed, Morrowind is an incredible game that anyone who considers him/herself a fan of American Action RPGs should experience.

Extolling aside, Morrowind’s modding culture is a large part of what captivated my academic interests, which pushed me to pursue my MA. My initial interests led me to research what I termed The Mod Effect where I attempted to delineate how mods are bolstering and damaging the gaming industry. Researching mods gave me a great deal of insight into user created media. Moreover, I hope that by creating new or interactive media I can further my understanding of media forms in general.

Copyright Nicholas Matthews, 2008

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