September 10, 2008

virtual engineering

Most people are scared to death of their computers. They're afraid that accidentally triple-clicking on the wrong icon will render their machine useless. Clearly this isn't true (unless you're running ME or Vista). I'd love to see the day when people treat tweaking a computer as nonchalantly as activating a television's sleep timer. Unfortunately, that day may never arise; however, I think that by creating a program--let's call it Boxx--that simulates and benchmarks hardware builds, my geeked out vision could gain a powerful step toward reality.

Personally, I have many reservations about cracking open my case and swapping parts for the hell of it.

What if the part turns out to be not worth the money?
What if the component isn't even compatible with my build?
I wish there was a way to test everything out before making the investment of time and money.

It's here that Boxx would be very helpful. Admittedly, the main use for Boxx would be for commercial vendors of custom built computers. I envision that vendors would offer a "Test Your Build link" before you add the computer to your cart. Boxx downloads the schematics and provides a wealth of benchmark information. Suppose then the results didn't impress you. You enter into Boxx a target benchmark and it in turn provides hardware suggestions to reach that mark. Now content, you tell Boxx to reconfigure your system and send you back to the vendor's site.

Other Features:

- Ability to scan your current PC's configuration
- Each part would have sponsored links for purchase options
- Sleek, simple interface

Copyright Nicholas Matthews, 2008

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